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Mars Network



Start the Mars Network project

Mars Network seeks to expand its own services, including living, finance, real estate, legal, and educational services, and the services of various partners, on a technology foundation validated and patent-protected through several projects



It is a blockchain-based business platform consisting of original patent-based technologies such as space-time blockchain, digital original verification system, and multi-timodal, big data & artificial intelligence technology, and distributed integrated authentication technology for non-face-to-face identity authentication.

On the Mars business platform, we launch various services (living, finance, law, real estate, education, etc.) that are closely related to real life

Collaborate with existing services


It is an integrated authentication/settlement/payment service based on blockchain that can be paid by integrating traditional payment methods such as credit card, electronic pay (settlement), gift certificate, and coins.

It is a service that accumulates additional cashback and points (5-10%) of affiliated fees and profits whenever consumers use the integrated payment app, and can be used in various business areas such as education and legal real estate services in the future.

Mars Network


SINCE 2020

Start the Mars Network project,

Establishment of Mars Network Foundation and Coin Issuance

Verification and development of various infrastructure technologies related to the preparation of the financial blockchain platform, and patent registration

SINCE 2021

Development and introduction of digital content original verification system

Business agreements with various brands for living payment services

SINCE 2022

Listed on the China Virtualization Fair Exchange (HOTBIT) and

Development of own wallet with unique technology of Mars Network and conducting block sales for activation of Mascoin

Casinos, hotels, and golf courses located in Vietnam will be selected, and business agreements will be signed in the second half of the year

SINCE 2023

Korea's three major exchanges are scheduled to be listed on top exchanges in Singapore, and Mars Network's own wallet will be opened and piloted

SINCE 2024

The goal of listing on the world's top three exchanges,

Mas Network officially opens and starts services